Mozzarella Sticks5.49
Breaded Cauliflower3.79
Breaded Mushrooms4.49
Onion Rings4.49
Mix Basket6.49
each of the above 4
Jalapeno Poppers5.99
served with raspberry inferno sauce
Bruschetta Bread5.95
Garlic Bread2.49
Garlic Bread3.99
with cheese
Side Order of Meatballs3.99
Side Order of Sausage3.99
Calamari Rings6.99
Shrimp Basket5.99
with fries add .75

French Fries

French Fries2.293.49
Cheese Fries3.494.99
Pizza Fries3.995.49

Chicken Fingers

4 Pc4.29
5 Pc5.29
10 Pc7.29

Chicken Wings

BBQ, mild or hot
$1.00 extra for celery and bleu cheese

12 Pc5.99